Good day full of elfish luck to you and hello to everyone!

As if by work of a lucky charm, cheerful songs with funny lyrics by the band called Kobold (Elf) are big success everywhere. Similarly to family movies, the band’s concerts are enjoyed by the kids, their parent and the grandparents in a euphoric atmosphere full of joy and laughter. Could this be a new music genre?

Songs for children of all ages.
The band’s repertory consists mostly of musical poems, but features also uniquely brave adaptations of famous songs like (The School Bag), Kiskarácsony (Little Christmas), Trabant and many others.

Musical poems can make fully-fledged songs too, and do so without many clichés typical for the genre. Our music is without limits.

The poet Károly Kövesdi gave the band a maximum freedom when it comes to adaptation of his poems. We can add chorus or verses as needed to create real undepreciated music.
Elves are happy creatures, bringing joy and fun to our everyday lives. They might be naughty but their hearts are big and kind. They are always with us, even when we can’t see them, they help us solve problems and cheer us up when we are upset.


Songs for children of all ages

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Amazing party full of fun Unconventional performance, competitions, Charming music

Designed for ages: 5-15 year olds + parents and grandparents (the performance is fully enjoyed by middle school students too)

Our concerts have literary and educational purpose, but the students don’t even notice they are learning for all the fun they are having. While competing and enjoying the merry atmosphere, the children learn about:
  • How music is made and what changes a poem into a song
  • Why we need wordplay and rich vocabulary
  • Which are the most known music genres
  • What kinds of musical instruments can be played
Children will have a chance to compete for prices.


The band Kobold was created in the summer of 2008 in Bratislava, and their firts concert took place in August in the village of Bátka. During the next year the band proved to be a huge success. Exulting audience in the Thália theatre in Košice made it clear that the band has to go on because the kids love their music! The audience wouldn’t let us off the stage before adding many extras, and the organisers warmed our hearts with words: “This theatre saw many wonderful shows for children, but none of them created such a joyful atmosphere as the elves!” The band Kobold was successful anywhere we went: Bratislava, Budapest, Dunajská Streda, Nové Zámky, Rožňava, Košice, Kráľovský Chlmec, we performed innumerable concerts full of fun and good cheer. The song Három Röfi (Three Little Pigs) became a hit but the radios regularly feature many other songs by Kobold too

Many of these songs were created before the band. They can be found on Igor’s first album from 2006 called Manóház (The House of Elves). The whole album consists of musical poems by Károlya Kövesdiho.


Balla Igor - (guitar, singing)
Mózes Gyuri - (drums, singing)
Derzsi Szabolcs - (keyboard)

Ex members:
Szabó Dávid (2008-june 2011 )
Lacza Gergely (2008-june 2011)
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